How to tie shoes for running

Wait I need this for my dystonia!!!!

seems like valuable info to pass along

I would have threw out 115$ shoes if I didn’t use the Toe problem one. God bless this post.

I use the heel slipping one and it actually works.


Good morning sunshine!

Fill your magic bullet with :
1.5 frozen bananas
2 frozen figs
A tsp of maca powder
A whole yellow beet
A tsp of honey Flax almond butter
Add organic vanilla hemp milk

Blend until smooth

Top off with sweet coconut flakes and pears.


Buy fair trade though please Buy fair trade though please Buy fair trade though please

Buy fair trade though please

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"Alright, so you just started lifting you’re new to the gym, you have a crippling fear of being ridiculed. In reality nobody gives a shit. No one’s even looking at you."
— Dom Mazzetti - BroScienceLife - Rookie Mistakes in the Gym (via notasupersaiyan-yet)

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nothing worse than getting a blah watermelon :( 

This speaks to me and I’m sorry that happened :(

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Why is my life so hard #wheytoomuchbrotein #instafit #doyoueven #bodybuilding #theempireliftsback #gym


So I want to start lifting at my gym…but I’m unsure where to even start. I don’t want to get to the equipment and look like a dummy. I’m torn between a session with a personal trainer or trying to find a gym/lifting buddy…may do both. Not really sure where/how to find the second option anyways for now…:-/ advice and *you can do its* are appreciated

I know gyms around here offer group classes that introduce you to weights and lifting buddies!


Fit people who don’t look like fit people are still fit people. 

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Look at these beauties. Doing insanity right. Look at these beauties. Doing insanity right.

Look at these beauties. Doing insanity right.



This is mostly personal, but I’m setting some fitness goals for this summer. I want to see where I can get before I move out east. While this is technically a during photo (rather than before) it can serve as the start of summer pic. Let’s see what I can do in three months.

Picture taken 5/11/14
My goal date is August 1st. I’ve recorded measurements but I’ll keep the specifics to my fitblr.

Side note, it’s strange to not hate what you see in the mirror. I mean it’s not perfect, but I don’t hate it. That’s a start.

Neck: 34cm
Bicep: 32cm
Chest: 88cm
Waist: 75cm
Hips: 86cm
Thigh: 56cm
Calf: 39cm

Weight: 179.6
BF% (scale): 18.7
BF% (calipers): 15

Week 1 (May 19)
Neck: 32.5cm
Bicep: 31cm
Chest: 82cm
Waist: 74.5cm
Hips: 86cm
Thigh: 54cm
Calf: 39cm

Weight: 180.6
BF% (scale): 18.9
BF% (calipers): 13/14